Unclaimed Life Insurance Policies

Millions In Unclaimed Life Insurance Policies

Most people would be jumping up and down to hear that there is unclaimed money out there but this doesn't mean that just anyone can claim it. It is reported that there are millions of dollars in Unclaimed Life Insurance Policies sitting out there to be collected. This is generally because families are not even aware that a deceased relative had a policy out with a certain company. There are literally millions of dollars sitting in the accounts of insurance companies that people have yet to claim.

This knowledge would lead most people to wonder why there are so many policies that are left untouched. It is a logical question for anyone to ask. The reason there are so many Unclaimed Life Insurance Policies out there is because insurance companies are not required by most state laws to contact the family of a deceased policy holder.

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It is more than likely that they do not even have a means to contact the beneficiary because most people do not keep their policies updated as often as they should.

A person that suspects a deceased relative may have had a life insurance policy may have to do quite a bit of digging to find the lost policy. Most insurance companies are not going to go out searching for people that they owe money to. A person will generally have to start an Unclaimed Life Insurance Policies search online and follow up with the suspected companies on their own. This may seem like a lot of work but an unclaimed asset search could mean quite a large reward at the end.

There are signs that a person may have had a life insurance policy in documents lying around their house. These would include estimates or statements that include a quote and rates. A person should also check with the agents that handled the home and auto insurance policies since most people get all their insurance coverages from the same company.

A person may also check with a previous employer since many jobs have some type of life insurance program for each employee. Unclaimed Life Insurance Policies hold millions of dollars in money that is owed to people around the country. A careful search may just turn up that you are one of them.

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